About Us


Our 10 Commandments:

1. Making a Difference

We love what we do and get excited about our products and services because we fundamentally believe we are making a difference and making society a better place. It is this belief and passion that brings us to work every day and that allows us to jump over the many hurdles to see our vision through.

2. Excellence

We believe in being the best we can be, in providing the customer the greatest value through the most innovative services and products at the most reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on our operational excellence, enhanced customer value, and commitment to our stakeholders.

3. People

Our people are our greatest asset. We treat our people with compassion and place emphasis on their continuous professional development and training, growth, retention, and well-being, and on making our companies great places to work at.

4. Happiness

We believe that happiness and fulfillment as important business goals so we encourage our people to always maintain a work life balance and a sense of humour at work.

5. Customer Delight

We believe in delighting the customer. We rethink every business process, product and service from the standpoint of the customer so as to delight him at every touch point.

6. Empowerment

We believe in leadership through empowerment and enable people to form their own teams, and collaborate and take ownership of projects.

7. Teamwork

We believe in teamwork and that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We believe in mobilizing diverse competencies, skill sets and expertise in order to compete and prosper in today’s rapidly-changing knowledge economy.

8. Innovation

We believe in constantly innovating on our products and services. We nurture innovation by encouraging research, cross-fertilization of ideas and collaboration across functional areas.

9. Stakeholder Interest

We value the trust of our stakeholders within and external to our companies and keep their interests at heart in our business decisions and processes.

10. Social Responsibility

We believe that good business is about leadership with service and soul. We therefore believe and give back to the community.